ConvertXtoPDF Free Tutorials - How to Convert BMP to PDF


ConvertXtoPDF Free is PDF converter software that can create industrial-quality PDF from any printable formats so that you can flexibly store, view, edit, search and share them. It works with all Windows computers for FREE. It has preset qualities for screen, eBook, printout, prepress and customizable profile properties to change the document info, font, links, image compression, layout, watermarks, bookmarks, overlays, rotation, PDF linearization, password-protection, digital signature, etc.

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Input BMP Files

After you launch ConvertXtoPDF Free, the first thing to do is to import the BMP files you want to convert to PDF. Click "Browse" and find the BMP files you want to input.

Input BMP Files

Once you import the BMP files, you need to choose the preset quality profile for the output PDF. By default quality is "Screen", but you can also choose "eBook", "Print" and "Prepress", offering different sizes, resolutions and image quality for corresponding usages.

Choose Preset Quality

The "Custom" quality allows you to choose more quality of the "Profile" list, letting you decide if you want to compress the image, embed fonts and detect links.

Custom Profile Quality Options

By clicking "Profile Editor" you can set the detailed properties of the profile and add it to the profile list so that you can choose it in case you want to use the same settings next time. We provide another guide for more details of custom profile.

Customize Profiles

Adjust PDF Conversion Settings

Click "Change" to add the document properties like title, subject and description.

Add Document Properties

In "Post Process" menu, you can choose the action you want ConvertXtoPDF Free to perform after the PDF creation: Open PDF, Email PDF or Do nothing.

Choose Action after PDF Creation

Click "Convert Now" and another window pops up.

More Output Settings

In "File name" box it shows the directory and filename of the PDF to be created. You can directly type the directory or filename you want or click "Browse" to specify them.

In "PDF options" field, you can choose if you want to add document information and encrypt the PDF.

In "Merge with PDF file" field, you can choose if you want to merge the new PDF with the existing one in the output directory if they have the same filename, and the way to merge them: to append new PDF to/insert new PDF before the existing PDF file.

In "After save action" field, you can also change your options in "Post Process" menu: Open PDF with default viewer, send email PDF or uncheck them to do nothing.

Specify Output Settings

Convert BMP to PDF

When all the settings done, click "OK" and you should wait until ConvertXtoPDF Free finish the BMP to PDF conversion.

Start Conversion