ConvertXtoPDF Free Tutorials - How to Customize Profile with Profile Editor


ConvertXtoPDF Free is able to create high quality PDF from any printable formats with customizable profiles including document properties, font embedding, active links, image compression, layout, watermarks, bookmarks, overlays, rotation, transparency, PDF linearization, password-protection, digital signature as well as different preset quality settings for screen, eBook, prepress, printer and tons of others.

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Customize Profile with Profile Editor

After you launch ConvertXtoPDF Free and import the files you want to convert to PDF. Click "Custom" and click "Profile Editor" to activate the profile manager window.

Customize Profile with Profile Editor

In the left profile pane, you can choose the profile you want to use by clicking on it. Then you are allowed to change the detailed profile properties on the right and click "Save" on the top to save all settings or "Cancel" to reverse all settings. If you want to add you own profile to the profile pane, just click "New"; to copy any of the profile, select it and click "Copy"; to remove any of the profile from the pane, select it and click "Delete".

Customize Profile with Profile Editor

(The profile you add can be seen and choosed in the "Profile" list next to "Profile Editor" button in "Custom" tab.)

You can choose th profile type at the bottom of the profile pane as Public or Private:

1. A private profile is visible only to the current user. By default new profiles are created as private and only the users from the computer where it was created will be able to see it and create PDFs using it.

2. Public profiles are visible from all client computers or other users on the same computer that connect to and print via the computer where they are defined (the printer server). When a public profile will be used, all the settings from that profile will be propagated to the client computers.

This profile pane shows both private and public profiles that were defined. The icon on the right of the profile name shows what type of profile it is (public or private). You can filter the shown profiles by starting to type in the search field and also use the Public/Private checkboxes to filter them by type.

There are 9 tabs for different settings of a profile. If you want to know more about detailed settings of each tab, click the links below:

1. General - this lets you select the profile type, describe it, set the PDF version, enable PDF linearization, set file saving options and after save actions.

2. Emails - you can opt to send emails after a PDF is created, customize the recipients/email templates and define the SMTP server connections.

3. Document -you can add document information (subject, author, keywords) and set PDF viewer options.

4. Fonts - this lets you embed all fonts, only subsets, protected fonts or disable embedding.

5. Graphics - you can compress the content, convert or downsample images to reduce the size of the resulting PDF.

6. Bookmarks - predefined bookmark configurations can be used or customized.

7. Security - you can password-protect a PDF document to restrict printing, copying or even opening it.

8. Other - this lets you customize the active PDF links in the resulting file and also set advanced options (such as text optimization).

9. Layout - in the Layout section you can choose display options for the resulting PDF. You can use predefined forms (or add a custom ones), page orientation (portrait/landscape), add text/image watermarks, overlays or digitally sign the PDF.