ConvertXtoPDF Free Tutorials - How to Customize Graphics Profile


ConvertXtoPDF Free is able to create high quality PDF from any printable formats with customizable profiles including document properties, font embedding, active links, image compression, layout, watermarks, bookmarks, overlays, rotation, transparency, PDF linearization, password-protection, digital signature as well as different preset quality settings for screen, eBook, prepress, printer and tons of others. To reduce the time needed to view and transfer the generated PDF, you can compress the images within and meanwhile, ConvertXtoPDF Free lets you decide if you want to leave the images untouched to retain original quality. You can even choose different image resolutions for optimum viewing on any devices.

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Customize Graphics Profile

Customize Graphics Profile

Compress content
You can reduce the size of the created PDF by compressing the content. Check the Compress content option then you will be able to change the compression settings.

Convert images
Colors for text and graphics, indexed images or high color images can be converted in the created PDF to grayscale or monochrome (black/white) color. Check the Convert images option then you will be able to change the conversion settings.

Downsample images
Monochrome, indexed or high color images can be downsampled, which means that the images will be added in the PDF file at a different resolution then the one from the original document. Usually it is used to save images at a lower resolution, resulting in smaller PDF. If the Downsample images option is checked, you will be able to manage the various downsampling settings.

All sections mentioned above allow you to select the default preset to use or use custom settings. You are allowed to manage/add new ones by clicking New/Manage.