ConvertXtoPDF Free Tutorials - How to Customize Security Profile


ConvertXtoPDF Free is able to create high quality PDF from any printable formats with customizable profiles including document properties, font embedding, active links, image compression, layout, watermarks, bookmarks, overlays, rotation, transparency, PDF linearization, password-protection, digital signature as well as different preset quality settings for screen, eBook, prepress, printer and tons of others. Security profile manager allows you to choose predefined security configurations or customize those to set a level of encryption protected by a password, that restricts certain document permissions for the resulting PDF file. By applying password, you can control access to the created PDF and processes like printing, coping or saving, etc. will run under your permission.

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Customize Security Profile

Customize Security Profile

Check Protect document box and the resulting PDF document can be protected to prevent certain actions (printing, copying/pasting, assembling, modifying) or even require a password to open it.

Security options

This section allows you to choose a predefined security preset or use a custom one. You are allowed to manage/add new ones by clicking New/Manage.

User password: you can setup a user password for opening the PDF document. If you enter a user password, the document cannot be opened without entering user or owner passwords.

Owner password: if the PDF Document is encrypted, access permissions can be changed only if the document is opened with the owner password.

Encryption level: available encryption levels are Low Level (40 bit, for Adobe Reader 3.0 and above) and High Level (128 bit, for Adobe Reader 5.0 and above).

Document permissions: you can enable or disable permissions to the processes.

Low level (40 bits)-
  • Print document
  • Modify document content
  • Extract text and graphics
  • Modify annotations, fill forms

High Level (128 bits), has all the features of the low level protection plus-

  • Print high resolution
  • Assemble the document
  • Advance extract text and graphics
  • Advance fill forms