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ConvertXtoPDF Free is able to create high quality PDF from any printable formats with customizable profiles including document properties, font embedding, active links, image compression, layout, watermarks, bookmarks, overlays, rotation, transparency, PDF linearization, password-protection, digital signature as well as different preset quality settings for screen, eBook, prepress, printer and tons of others. ConvertXtoPDF Free has the ability to detect the link like URLs and email addresses living in your PDF. You can decide whether to keep the link to access the corresponding websites or resources as well as the ways the links will be shown in PDF.

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Customize Other Profile

Customize Other Profile

Detect links: check this option to activate options in Links section.

Link formatting
This section enabless you to enable automatic detection of visible links in text (both local and remote links) and customize the links' appearance in the created PDF file.

Links: you can choose a predefined link detection preset or use a custom one. You are allowed to manage/add new ones by clicking New/Manage. In order to be detected and converted, the URLs must be visible in the original document and formatted to start with: "http://", "www", "mailto:" and "ftp://".

Detect file names and convert them to PDF links: the text in the printed document will be parsed and texts that will match a filename, including its path, will be marked in the PDF as links to file.

Check if file exists before linking: there will be a check if the file really exists and the PDF links will be added only if the file is found.

Underline: add a line beneath the detected link using the color set in Override color.

Preview: illustrate the appearance of the current link formatting, accordingly to the detection options that are enabled.

You can set some advanced options regarding how the printed documents will be processed and saved as a PDFs. You are allowed to manage/add new ones by clicking New/Manage.

Ignore empty pages: the empty pages from your original document will not be added to the PDF. But the pages must have no information at all (no page number, no header, etc.)

Silent print: no prompts will be shown during the print to PDF operation.

Optimize text: by default, ConvertXtoPDF Free optimizes PDF size by compressing texts as much as possible. However, some fonts are not correctly defined in their font files and when applying this optimization the text may not be correct in the PDF. Uncheck this option if the text is not correct in your PDF.

Optimize image sequences: small image sequences are combined in one big image. The process time will be slightly increased but the resulting PDF file will be smaller. You should enable this option if you have many sequences of small monochrome images and your resulting PDF file is very large.

Correct fill colors: depending on the application you print from, fill colors can be inverted or not. If colors are inverted in the resulted PDF when printing from a certain application, check this option to correct them.

Correct line width: depending on the application you print from, line widths can be sent in different ways. If lines are printed with a wrong width from a certain application, check this option to correct them.