Create PDF like a Pro from Any Printable Formats for Free!

Create industrial-quality PDF from any files with preset quality for screen, eBook, prepress, printer, etc. to easily store, view, alter & share

Works with Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (32 and 64 bit versions)

Convert Any Formats to Professional PDF

Intelligently create industrial-quality PDF from any files you have so that they can be more flexible to stored, viewed, edited, searched and shared than just a paper printout. It is 100% for free while being integrated with the latest PDF production techniques to bring the optimal PDF creation experience. It is the fastest PDF converter working stably on all Windows 32/64 bit computers.

Create Custom PDF using Profiles

Create high quality PDF with customizable profiles including document properties, font embedding, active links, image compression, layout, watermarks, bookmarks, overlays, rotation, transparency, PDF linearization, password-protection, digital signature as well as different preset quality settings for screen, eBook, prepress, printer and tons of others.

Easiest PDF Conversion Ever

The humanized UI & feature set simplify the PDF conversion to a process of clicking - no need of specialties to convert Microsoft Office files, OpenOffice files, StarOffice files, Math files, AutoCAD files, text based files, image files, HTML and virtually any other files to PDF. It also comes with a PDF merger to append or insert the new PDF to an existing one. You can even add it to context menu for quick access.

More Features of ConvertXtoPDF Free:

1. 100% Free PDF Creation

100% Free PDF CreationIf you need to convert various formats to PDF without paying a cent so that they can be shared and viewed on any platforms, ConvertXtoPDF Free will be the perfect solution. It is totally free for any usages and you don't need to register or suffer from hidden cost or pop-up ads.

2. Editable Document Info for Easy Management

Editable Document Info for Easy ManagementIn order to identify the generated PDF documents, you can offer each of your documents some detailed properties like name, subject, title, author, description, etc. No matter how many documents piled, you can classify them easily in the future.

3. Image Compression to Control PDF Size

Image Compression to Control PDF SizeTo reduce the time needed to view and transfer the generated PDF, you can compress the images within and meanwhile, ConvertXtoPDF Free lets you decide if you want to leave the images untouched to retain original quality. You can even choose different image resolutions for optimum viewing on any devices.

4. Embed Fonts of Your Choice

Embed Fonts of Your ChoiceIf the person opening the PDF doesn't have the same font set as you, the document will look different as their computer will compensate with a different font. ConvertXtoPDF Free prevents this by embedding the font directly in the document. You can choose to embed whatever fonts you like as well as the fonts used in source files.

5. Custom Layout for Better PDF Appearance

Custom Layout for Better PDF AppearanceYou can improve the appearance of the PDF pages beyond the fixed presentation by customizing your PDF layout. ConvertXtoPDF Free provides fully custom layout of resulting PDF file like anchors, margins, size, aspect ratio, transformation and also confidential, draft, date/time, page index, etc.

6. Retain Links Inside of PDF

Retain Links Inside of PDFConvertXtoPDF Free has the ability to detect the link like URLs and e-mail addresses living in your PDF. You can decide whether to keep the link to access the corresponding websites or resources as well as the ways the links will be shown in PDF.

7. Add Watermark & Overlay

Add Watermark & OverlayConvertXtoPDF Free allows you to add text and image watermarks to signify ownership of your PDF document and discourage copying. Moreover, you can also add overlay like invoice, letterhead, header, footer, etc. to PDF document.

8. Quick Page Navigation with Bookmarks

Quick Page Navigation with BookmarksConvertXtoPDF Free makes it convenient to create bookmarks with different levels, colors, names, etc. Especially when reading eBooks, you will be automatically taken to any specific chapter without searching page after page.

9. Guard PDF by Password & Digital Signature

Guard PDF by Password & Digital SignatureBy applying password, you can control access to the created PDF and processes like printing, coping or saving, etc. will run under your permission. You can also sign a digital signature to confirm the identity of your document in case any other user has modified the document.

10. Email PDF Directly for Easy Sharing

Email PDF Directly for Easy SharingConvertXtoPDF Free allows you to send a PDF via email once it's created. You can decide the number of emails to be sent out, how many recipients, what template to use, etc. This is the most efficient and convenient way to share your PDF document with your friends and coworkers directly.